1810 E - overhead crane


This 1810 E is - in principle - the same as the 1800 E. This version now was delivered including a 2-part bunker (on the advert for the 1815 is says simply "track" - that's toooooo easy :-)). In order to achieve enough traction the wheel underneath the cabin is rubber-ring covered. And for sure this version was as well delivered with the 2 different cabin lithographies.

I think worth to be mentioned that all printed media concerning this model always show a 3-part bunker. However delivered was a 2-part bunker only.

Seize: I guess as large as all the other Giants


1st version model and original box This 2nd version model is mounted on a wooden plate

1st version on gray bunker

1st version on gray bunker

just another view


Leaflet / "How to handle..."

and once more as advertised in the 1963 Specials catalogue 3 different blue shades at the cabin's roof
This is how to handle...Page 1 This is how to handle...Page 2


Top Label of the box 2nd label Gigantic Advert - from a German Journal 1962 A blue Giant ??? FEB 1962.
Top Box Label Top Box Label Advertising 1962 a blue giant ?
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