1815 / 1816- manual Giant


Mainly the same construction as the 1800 E - but in this case manually operated by a crank. This model is either dual-coloured grey/blue, beige/blue or single coloured orange. The 1815 was delivered with a coal-bunker without filling funnel - 1816 was delivered as "movable crane without track". Novelty 1963.

Seize: 370 x 205 x 260 mm

Version 1: grey body as the 1800 E and blue top as the 1830 E - still missing in my collection

the grey/blue manual giant

the grey/blue manual giant  another view

Version 2: in orange

Got a 1816 manual giant - as Xmas 2003 present

Details of the 1816-drive:

The upper crank moves the clam and the lower one moves the car. The small red tin plate creates a "clicking sound" when operating the clam

1816 "Sound machine"

der Handgiant jetzt auch in Orange

der orange Handgiant aus anderem Blickwinkel


Version 3: beige body as the 1820 E - blue top as the 1830 E - I think workers just took leftovers from the previous production and mixed them with items destined for the new 1820 E in 1964 - again a late Xmas 2004 present - and there are more Xmas to follow :-) By the way - this is my No. 10 !!!!


original condition

the restorated version

the beige/blue giant in original condition the restorated giant
This version and the orange giant didn't have the support tins for the funnel

the meanwhile restored version

Original box and advert out of a 1963 catalogue

the restorated giant - another view

the original box from 1963 Werbung zum Hand-Gigant
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