508 Variation wagon

available only 1968 and 1969


also seen on a blue chassis

all seen with turquoise colours - or is it simply bleached out???


The workmen for the sets 231 / 1631 and 232 / 1632 as well as for the Variation wagon 508 were delivered without painted face and forearm. So far it only concern the red workmen.

"Variationswagen", 8 pieces: the car, 2 side walls, 2 oil barrels, 2 (plastic) crew, 1 bench. The "manning" to the above mentioned cars was made of plastic and had a height of 49 mm. The box always shows the green car. Only 2 figures available: either wearing beige trouser and red hat or blue trousers and blue hat. Shirt always red. 

complete - various colors in 1 set

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