520 (after 1970 renamed 520 A) passenger coach, green


available from 1957 through 1978

Bogie coach, green, all tin - all here shown cars are known to have either a light or dark grey roof. 1st version passenger coach in blister box - sold at Marshall Field & Company

the standard version

1. Version in blister box


Bogie coach, green, closed plastic chassis, boogies and stages tin

closed plastic chassis


Bogie coach, green, open plastic chassis, boogies and stages tin

Bogie coach, green, chassis and stages plastic, boogies tin

plastic stages
Bogie coach, green, chassis and stages tin, boogies plastic the blistered version

blistered version No.4 


Bogie coach, green, chassis and boogies plastic, stages tin

also known to have a green or red bottom side

green bottom side also with red bottom

 Bogie coach, green, chassis of the 514, all tin - my estimate is a "assemblers mistake" or self-made   some models show grey foam material underneath the roof over the veranda - this was most probably installed to prevent injuries from the sharp roof corners.
 with and without foam material
Roofs known in different grey shades - some roofs were obviously beige as well
 known beige2grey shades beige roof - version No. 9

1520 Battery passenger coach

available from 1957 until 1960 /62. Until which year the battery coaches were available is not to my knowledge - at least 1960 - most probably 1962 when the first "modern" battery locos 1013 / 1550 were issued.


 Battery boogie coach, 3 AAA-sized batteries to serve the battery operated tender locos. Battery box fixed by 2 rivets.

 Another method of fixing the battery box was achieved by 2 fishplates each side of the coach. 




 and the 3rd version has fishplates and rivets

 from below. The batteries were kept in place by means of a small tin - rivet fixed between chassis and boogie 

"rivetted and fishplated"

from underneath


The stamp of the 1520 battery passenger coach - as used for the leaflets

Swiss Version - self-made ballast wagon without electrical function

the stamp or the battery-coaches

Swiss made ballast wagon - no electrical function 

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