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Biller Toys

Biller displayed at home - my home

Beginning in early 1998 I "recovered" the Biller Train and Toys. The information I gathered meanwhile shall be displayed here.

After having studied all the pages - and you still think there is something missing - go ahead and let me know. Assistance and additional information is highly appreciated. Write an email if you have any suggestion for vocabularies, any information or pictures, or, if necessary, criticism, go ahead and let me know. And to let you know - my name is Torsten Schirdewahn

These pages are made by my enthusiastic and private collectors interest in Biller toys - I don't persue any commercial interests. I don't accept any orders concerning "new" Biller toys - I don't deal in general and can't (for sure) comply with these requests. In individual cases I'll try to "organize" requested  - used -  spare parts. Possibly I'm able to repair a toy or can give advice how to repair.



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